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Las Vegas Trainers Conference '99

June 11-13, 1999
Frontier GSC

Friday night


Four sessions, which had to be signed up for in advance. Most people got their first choice -- I don't think they had as many attendees as they thought they would; capacity was 300, according to the registration material, and I think about 200 registered.

The titles listed below are not necessarily the titles given in the program, but are my best guess as to what the topic of the presentation actually was. Those which have links are links to what I remember of my notes -- it should improve quite a bit in the next few weeks.

First session:

Second Session:


with entertainment provided by a historical re-creator dressed as one of the first women who settled in Nevada who ended up owning much of what is now Las Vegas.

Third Session:

Fourth Session:


with entertainment by a group singing hilarious "trainers songs" they wrote. (They were parodies of songs we all knew the tunes of.) Unfortunately I can't post them to this site, as they are explicitly copyrighted. They also sang a lot of other good stuff -- you should have seen the signer attempting to sign the words to a song as the singer yodelled!


Breakfast, followed by the play "It's Not That Simple" with discussion facilitated by as many trained facilitators as the organizers could get. The play was great -- and uncomfortable for many of us!
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