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SWAPs are small crafts that Girl Scouts give as gifts or trade with other scouts. Swaps can be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, whatever the maker desires. They are given or exchanged as mementos (usually at large events) to help remember the people you met. In this regard, it's helpful if the SWAP says something about the person who made it. (Obviously I don't think a SWAP session such as you might see at the GSUSA National Convention should be a craft exchange, but rather a chance to meet and talk with new people!)

Some helpful links...

The definitive SWAPs site at seems to be down for the count. You might try the record of the site on the Internet Wayback Machine, but this doesn't have a lot of the photographs of the SWAPs, which were what made it so valuable. It'll at least describe how to make over 900 SWAPs, which may be enough.

In the meantime, try: