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Girl Scout Council Patch History (part 1)

Text descriptions of the different council patches and the dates they were available.

If you're looking for images of the patches, see any of the appropriate links on my patch trading page.

This page contains the first half of the alphabet (even though it's all text, the whole thing took too long to load.) I've added a page for the second half of the alphabet to this site. THIS page includes states beginning with the letters A through M.

If you don't find the council you're looking for on these pages, it's probably an extinct council. Go to Jennifer's Girl Scout and Guide Patch & Silk & Crest Trading Headquarters, where she has a list of extinct councils, and (where she could get one) pictures of their patches.

StateCouncil DatesDescription
ALABAMACahaba1999 - presentTall "window"-shaped patch, yellow background, Alabama in pale green, with council in blue and flower.
? to 1996?a deep blue round patch with a silver diamond shape in the middle. "G.E.M." on top (editorial note: would this make it an event patch?), and Cahaba Girl Scout Council on the bottom.
Cottaquilla? to presentblue circular patch; pine trunk at left, state outlined in brown; council outlined in green.
Deep Southsince at least 1997pink flower on round white patch; pale blue lettering
North Alabama1999 to presentblue rectangular patch (top has an arch) with space shuttle, bridge, stars
? to 1999White circular patch, with lettering and cotton boll in green; rocket superimposed over cotton boll
South Central Alabama? to presentpatch shape is outline of state; white, with rose above red heart, silhouettes in green
? to ?patch shape is outline of state; white, with "Today's girl, tomorrow's leader" above red heart, silhouettes in green
Tombigbee? to presentrectangular light green patch, lettering dark green, white blossoms with river
ALASKAFarthest North? to presentsmall blue rectangular patch; sun on horizon over snowfield
purchased 73-76circular patch, medium blue background, red border and lettering; Polar bear on ice flow, with the Northern Lights behind
Susitna? to presentblue "window"-shaped patch, divided into sections. Top is Ursa Major (Big Dipper) and pole star; middle is outline of Alaska in purple flanked by mountains, bottom is four animal tracks above "Alaska" in green
1990? to 1996?beige rectangular patch, "Susitna Council" at top, "Girl Scouts" at left, "Alaska" at bottom. 3 bears at center in front of snow-capped purple mountain, orcas swimming at bottom.
80swhite circular patch, with musher and dog team going across snow, mountains at rear
Tongass Alaska97? to presentWhite circular patch, showing Northwest Coastal Native American (Tlingit/Haida) representation of an Orca (indicated by flat symmetrical tail and teeth -- although it doesn't have a dorsal fin or a blow hole, more usual indications)
ARIZONAArizona Cactus-Pinefall '99 to dateLight blue circular patch, lettering in gold, state outline in brown with pine branch and cones and beavertail cactus in front of it
? to 9/99White circular patch; "Girl Scouts" in purple in front of teal and orange desertscape
? to 97?White circular patch, lettering in gold, state outline in brown with pine branch and cones and beavertail cactus in front of it
mid- to late-80sNo writing; same design as above
Sahuaro? to presentsmall blue circular patch, with yellow lettering; green cactus in front of what could be a stained glass window in yellow, orange, and red
? to ?small light-blue oval patch with cactus wren on cactus; light green lettering
ARKANSASArkansas Post? to presentround gray patch; blue lettering; blue shape representing Arkansas with the council in green, GSUSA logo
Conifer? to presentshort yellow rectangular patch with pine tree on blue diamond in center flanked by outlines of Texas (orange) and Arkansas (red) n green circles
Crowley's Ridge? to presentlight blue circular patch; dark blue lettering. Sun rising over mountain, with two pine trees
Mt. Magazine? to presentlight blue round patch, with red lettering and green mountain; red-, yellow- and green-leafed trees, with outlines of Oklahoma and Arkansas in yellow and map of council in green
Noark? to presentlight blue "window"-shaped patch, with pine at right edge, purple lettering, hills in various colors, and strream in foreground
Ouachita? to present"cut diamond"-shaped light blue patch; red outline of state, lettering in green and blue
CALIFORNIA Angeles? to presentcircular light blue patch with pink lettering; what appears to be a palm tree and an oasis in the foreground, brown hills, and the sun in the upper right
Golden Valley? to presenttall light blue oval patch, lettering in orange and green; field of California Golden Poppies between two blue mountains, with sun coming up behind them; two poppies in foreground
Greater Long BeachMay 19, 2002 to present"window"-shaped (flat bottom and sides, and curved top) with a purple border. Green grass at bottom; sand with palm tree and 4 girls dancing; blue ocean; multi-colored sun (rainbow rings) in light blue sky going down. Black words "40 years" on face of sun, and "Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach 1962-2002" in blue on grass
April '00 to summer 2001"wheat"-colored circular patch, with four hands of different races clasping in the center, with logos of different programs on wrists; text "Girl Scout Council" at top and "Greater Long Beach" at bottom
? to September '99as above, with text "Girl Scout Council" at bottom and "Greater Long Beach" at top
? to ?light blue circular patch with dark blue border and lettering; beach scene, orange sun with yellow rays, brown surfboard stuck upright in sand at right
Joshua Tree? to presentrectangular green patch (top has arc), with purple and orange desertscape and Joshua Tree in foreground
early 90s?upright rectangle, turquoise background, lime green trim, gold lettering. Lime green cactus on left, yellow space ship in center heading to right, above an orange mountain. Small critter in center at base of mountain
? to ?white round patch, with brown lettering and border; brown snow-capped mountain to either side, Joshua Tree in center, with stream and California poppies
Konocti? to ?black patch with gold lettering and edging; view along shoreline with mountain in rear, grapes at upper left, pine branch and cones at lower right, purplish-pink flowers at lower left
? to ?wide white oval patch, black letters; same picture as above except with pink flowers
Monterey Bay? to dategreen circular patch, with white lettering; wind-blown cypress tree in foreground, looking across water to mountain
Mt. Wilson Vista? to date"window"-shaped blue patch, with gold lettering; red rose in foreground, mountains/clouds in background, with sun rising over them
Muir Trail? to presentwhite oval patch, blue and green lettering; view of part of Yosemite valley in center
? to ?white circular patch, with white border. Outer green ring, with "MUIR TRAIL Girl Scout Council" in white; inner white circle with two converging lines representing trail between several stylized evergreens; yellow sun on horizon
Napa-Solano? to presentshort white "window"-shaped patch, with light green, pink, and purple lettering; lettering is the design, with similarly-colored stars in the background
Orange County? to presentGreen square with blue edging, black letters, an orange with sunglasses on a yellow square background with California written below it
? to ?trefoil-shaped green patch with orange lettering; gold map of California in front of an orange
San Diego-Imperial? to presentdark blue circular abstract design, quartered; lower left blue water, lower right lettering, upper left sun, extending behind upper right trees
San Fernando Valley? to presentshort "window"-shaped blue patch with white lettering; city on horizon in back with searchlights, mountain on left behind old mission, movie camera in foreground at right
early 90sshort rectangle, with turquoise border and sky, and black lettering; 5 white birds in upper left, trefoil in upper right. Brown mountains, large tree at bottom left, black road going up through center, white buildings in lower right
San Francisco Bay1999 to presentwhite circular patch with gold lettering; blue trefoil with gold bridge tower in front
? to 1999short white rectangular patch with green lettering; green trefoil with orange bridge tower in front
San Gorgonio? to presentoctagonal patch with sun rising over purple snow-covered mountain (with green trefoil); palm tree and joshua tree at left and right, with grapes and orange trees
Santa Clara County'99 to presentwhite rectngular patch w/ gold border, earth with "strong minds - strong spirits - strong bodies" around the inside border. Large "Strong" in purple; "Girls" in gold, small "Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County" beneath
? to '99aqua colored short rectangular patch with "Santa Clara County" in yellow; design is the word "Girl Scouts" in mixed fonts and colors
Sierra-Cascade? to presentlight blue circular patch with purple lettering, with Mt Lassen (?) in distance between trunks of two trees in foreground
Spanish Trails'01 to presentwhite circular patch with brown lettering; view of mission in front of mountain, with road and mission bell in foreground; "Girl Scouts - Spanish Trails Council" around the rim
? to '00As above, with "Spanish Trails Council - Girl Scouts" around rim
Tierra del Oro1997? to present"Window"-shaped white patch with green lettering; sun rising over mountain in back, with oak at left, evergreen at right, and California Golden Poppies in foreground. No black thread on patch.
? to 1997?Same as above, but narrower, and all design elements are outlined in black thread.
Tres Condados? to presentblue oval patch, with black lettering; water, sailboat, mountain, with condor flying above; mission Santa Barbara at right, oranges and lemons at left, and flowers below.
COLORADO Chipeta? to presentaqua circular patch with purple lettering; snow-covered peaks in background in front of 4 cartoony girls
Columbine? to datewhite circular patch with dark blue lettering; light blue "C" at edge, purple flower in center
Mile Hi? to presentblue circular patch with gold lettering; purple mountains in background, meadow in middle with columbine in foreground and aspen trunks at right
mid- to late-80sround, white patch with green border and green "Girl Scouts Mile-Hi Council Denver, Colorado"; green tree and blue mountains
Mountain Prairie? to presentsmall white rectangular patch with blue lettering; stylized mountain over grassy prairie in greens and blue
Wagon Wheel? to presentcircular wheat-colored badge with light -brown lettering; blue mountain outline at back, grassy plain in middle columbine at foreground, with central circle and spokes representing wheel
CONNECTICUTConnecticut Trails? to presentsmall wheat-colored rectangular patch with white drawing of state and council in dark green
Connecticut Valley? to presentwhite patch with green lettering; center divided into thirds, with robin at top, oak leaf and acorn at left, and flower (mountain laurel) at right
Housatonic? to presentcircular patch with black lettering; lighthouse on spit of land, with two birds, land on horizon
Northwestern Connecticut? to presentyellow patch with dark green lettering; yellow map of Connecticut with dark green outline of council, on light green circle, and words "They really care!" on the map.
Southwestern Connecticut? to presentlight blue patch with black lettering, divided into quarters; girl's face of different race in each quadrant, with map of council in dark green between bottom quadrants and a trefoil in a tan circle between top quadrants
DELAWARE Chesapeake Bay? to presentslightly oval, medium blue patch with medium blue border and black letteing; Green map of council, white gull flying at upper right, with (egret? heron?) flying at lower left
? to ?light blue circular patch, with black lettering; white inner circle,with blue trefoil inside it, and a sea gull on top of it
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIANation's Capital? to present?narrow small green rectangular patch, white lettering; Capitol dome, with cherry blossoms and sunflowers
70s?circular, with Washington Monument and GS Emblem
FLORIDA Apalachee Bend? to presentlight blue circular patch with white lettering; two strips of land with wooden wharf/path winding between them over water, sun in upper right
Broward County? to presentneon pink circular patch, with black lettering (saying "It's a splash!"); white inner circle with two leaping dolphins
'92round patch, light blue background, brown border and lettering; palm tree on asmall island with rising sun, with rays, behind palm
Citrus? to present"window"-shaped patch with swamp scene in foreground (water lilies, cattails), and sun rising in the background with rays looking like a sliced grapefruit
? to ?medium blue circle patch with red border and lettering; green leafy branch with 6 oranges on it
Gateway? to presentLarge light blue horizontal rectangular patch with dark blue border. Yellow lettering on top "Gateway of her Future" and on bottom "Gateway Council". Along sides of patch are green and daisy chains. In the middle of the patch is a black rod iron fence with Girl Scouts (one from each level) in uniform standing in front of the fence.
? to ?large horizontal rectangular patch with pink lettering; sailboat with striped sails at right, crossed palm trees in center
Gulfcoast? to presentwhite base (even though there is no white visible on the patch). Border and lettering are purple; "GS of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc." across the top of the scallop and "40 Years 2002" in the bottom of the shell shape. There is a sea scene stitched on the patch, with sand and a palm tree along the lower right, ocean and a sunset with a pink sky
? to ?scallop shell shaped white patch, with white lettering on blue ocean. Sand at bottom, palm tree on left, sun setting at horizon.
? to ?scallop shell-shaped patch, dark blue with black border and lettering; sun with bird flying in front of it, 2 triangle-shaped lines of yellow coming out from poles; two dolphins jumping out of water. Two palm trees and tall grass on right, extending to left. An alligator on the sand.
Heart of Florida? to presentlargest of all council patches; shaped like a golden map of Florida; green lettering, with red heart in center
Northwest Florida? to presentwheat colored circular patch with blue border; "Girl Scouts of Northwest Florida" around the edge in red. Beach scene in center with sailboat, leaping dolphin, and setting sun.
? to ?white circular patch, with green lettering; map of 4 counties of Florida's panhandle, with fire, tree with Spanish moss, sailboat, and tent on the counties
Palm Glades? to presentblue oval with green border and black lettereng; city (with palm blowing in hurricane winds) at left, tan/beige everglades looking like rocks or condos on right with green turtle; sailboat with white/red sail, two alligators, and Seminole chief in canoe in the water. Palm trunk at white shiney/beige.
? to ?error version of patch above, with tall brown grassy everglades, and fatter Seminole in the canoe. Palm tree at left NOT blowing in the wind, palm trunk at right dark brown.
? to ?error version of patch above, with flat green everglades, brown turtle, palm blowing in wind, fatter Seminole, and red/green sail on sailboat.
? to ?error version of patch above, with brown everglades and green turtle, and two red-headed girls in the canoe.
? to 1998?yellow circular patch, with green lettering; orange sun at upper right, palm tree at left, and alligator at bottom
Suncoast? to presenttall light blue oval patch, with white lettering; beach scene, with sand at bottom, palm tree on right border, sun setting on horizon, and letter "t" formed by leaping dolphin
'94Round, bright orange, "Coastlands of Florida" "Suncoast Council" has a light brown pelican in center standing on a post
Tropical Florida? to presentsquare light blue patch, with rainbow border and blue lettering; pink flamingo in front of palm tree.
GEORGIA Central Savannah River? to presentround blue patch with green lettering; palm tree at top, peach at bottom, divided by abstract river design
Concharty? to presentround green patch, with blue and red lettering; map of counties served in red with blue borders
? to ?round patch; house on stilts, tree either side, river at front
Flint River? to presentwhite circular patch with pink lettering; light blue and teal globe emerging from behind teal map of Georgia
Middle Georgia? to presentpatch shaped like state, with heart in center
? to ?"plain vanilla" patch; white circle with blue border, green GSUSA new logo with words "Girl Scouts" in green and "Middle Georgia" in blue
Northeast Georgia? to presentlarge circular blue patch; white compass in center with gold arrow pointing NE. Dark blue outline of Georgia in center of compass, "Northeast Georgia Girl Scout Council" in gold around outside.
? to ?white circular patch, green border, red lettering; yellow triangle behind map of Georgia with small red trefoil
Northwest Georgia? to presentblue rectangular patch edged in yellow. "Girl Scout Council of NWGA" in dark blue and "Where Girls Grow Strong" in yellow. There are five girls holding hands and dancing representing the different levels in GS
1999 to ?rectangular patch, brown tent with trefoil in foreground, lake in middle, mountains and city skyline in back
? to 1999pink circular patch, with white lettering; white magnolia blossom with green leaves in bottom half
Pine Valley1998 to present?light blue "window" shaped patch, with green and gold lettering; sun wearing sunglasses in upper right, two girls (one black, one white) standing in front of stream
1998 to present?"Dennis Rodman" variation of above, with black girl with blonde hair. Rectangular light blue patch, yellow and blue lettering. Girls are younger and larger than in patch above. (Looks as if this patch and the one above were ordered from two patch different companies based on verbal descriptions of the same design by two different council staff members!)
? to 1998irregularly-shaped light blue patch, gold border, with brown lettering; pine branch and pine cone coming in from top right, mountains surrounding lake at bottom
Savannah? to presentlight blue oval, with black border and letters; picture of first headquarters in pink
HAWAII Hawaii1997 to presentpink circular patch with girl's face looking right, beach in background, text "Girl Scout Council of Hawaii" at top, and "Since 1917" on bottom
? to 1997same as above, but council name is at bottom and there is no "Since 1917"
IDAHO Silver Sage? to presentwhite circular patch, black lettering; light blue mountains in middle, silver sage tree in foreground, with sun peaking above mountains
ILLINOIS Centrilliononenone -- although they apparently had one in the past
Chicago? to presentwhite rectangular patch (top is an arc) with pale blue lettering and green border; skyline of Chicago from Lake Michigan with gray buildings, blue water, light blue sky, white clouds
? to ?blue circular patch with green lettering, outline of skyscrapers outlined in black
Dupage County? to presentgold circular patch with green border and black lettering; two acorns and two oak leaves at upper left
Fox Valley? to presentbeige circular patch with black lettering and light brown border, large letters "F" and "V" with small fox head between them
Green Hills? to presentoval patch with green border. River scene in center, trees on one side and silhouette of woman and girl on opposite bank looking at sunset in center.:Green Hills Council" at top; "Girl Scouts" at bottom.
? to ?small light blue circular patch with green and blue lettering; sun rising from between two green hills
Green Meadows? to presentblue circular patch with black border and lettering; green grass at bottom with 5 irregularly-shaped trees
Illinois Crossroads? to presentTall skinny rectangular blue patch with yellow border and white lettering; three roads converging on horizon, with sun in center and green hills at edges
Kickapoo? to presentcircular with a "bite" shape out of the bottom. Very small and white with black lettering and edging. There's a brown design in the middle
? to ?blue patch, with white lettering and gold borders -- bottom third green grass, with three pine trees and sun
Land of Lincoln2000 to presentblue oval patch, with red border and gold lettering; "Girl Scouts. Where Girls Grow Strong" around sides and top, and "Land of Lincoln Council" at bottom; green outline of Illinois, with state captiol (?) in white over it; top hat to left, cardinal (state bird) to right.
? to '99blue patch, with black border, green lettering; outline of Illinois, with Abraham Lincoln's face in front of it
Lone Tree Area? to presentwhite rectangle with white border and blue lettering; tree (drawn using horizontal lines) with two shadow images behind it.
Mississippi Valley? to presentwhite "window"-shaped patch with green border and blue lettering; light blue river in a line from top to bottom between brown outlines of Iowa and Illinois, council in light green, state flowers on each state
River Bluffs? to presentdark green circular patch, with dark blue lettering and design; bluff with silhouette of trees on right, above river on bottom left
Rock River Valley? to presentlight blue circular patch with green border and lettering; trefoil in center; patch divided into quafrants, with snoflake in lower right, sun in upper right, flower in upper left, and gold leaf in lower left, with words "Four Season Fun" at bottom
Shagbark1999? to presentwhite circular patch with light blue edging and "Girl Scouts of Shagbark Council" in black around outside at top; "Illinois and Indiana" at bottom. Branch with 5 leaves in center.
1999 (error version)Same as above, but with mint green border. This version was an error by the patch company, but was given to girls going on a Wider Op because the Council had nothing else to give them. According to the Council, it has never been officially available.
? to ?white circular patch with light blue border, black lettering; Shagbark Hickory bark and leaf, and maps of Illinois and Indiana in ipnk at lower left, with council in white
Shemamo? to presentlight blue patch with purple border and outer ring; green lettering, multi-colored map of counties served in center, with heart coming out of them and words "Straight from the Heart" at bottom
? to ?round patch; bridge over river, sun and fields
South Cook County? to presentyellow circular patch with light green lettering, border, and map of Illinois; star at council location, with two cattails and ear of wheat in brown over state
Sybaquay? to presentbeige circular patch with dark green border and brown lettering; Indian woman at left, with outstretched left hand across the middle of patch, with cardinal on the hand. cattails in lower right
'92Round with white background. Border and triangular shape in center are dark blue, wording in green, SYBAQUAY, "The Beautiful" G S C
Trailways1998 to presentTan circular patch with dark brown lettering; central picture has trail disappearing into sun at horizon, passing to right of two trees, with sign at the trailside saying "TGSC"
? to 1998Patch shaped like Illinois, with black border and lettering; bottom two-thirds of state is green, with three corn stalks growing out ouf it; top third is yellow sun with blue, purple, and pink rays
Two Rivers? to presentshort light blue rectangular patch with yellow border and lettering; "two rivers" represented by wavey blue lines going across patch, with a tree and a sailboat on each
Whispering Oaks? to presentshort white oval patch, with light brown border and black lettering; two oak leaves with acorns
INDIANA Calumet? to presentpurple circular patch with white border and lettering; brown peace pipe in the middle
? to ?Same as above, with white peace pipe
Covered Bridge? to presentlight blue oval with dark blue border, lettering. Very detailed embroidered covered bridge.
? to ?white circular patch, with green border and red lettering; red covered bridge in center (mine is plain, but I've seen a drawing with a trefoil on the side of the bridge)
Drifting Dunes? to presentwhite circular patch with light blue words "Girl Scout Council" and border; "Drifting" is large, with horizontal brown hatching; "Dunes" is green; two trees behind letters
Hoosier Capital? to presentwhite circular patch with black border and lettering; War memorial, Indy Car, and (compass rose???) in center
Indiana Lakeland? to presentcircular light blue patch, with dark blue border, lettering, and outline of Indiana and the 4 counties served (with the first letter of each county in the box representing that county); white and black hand holding up the state map
Limberlost2000 to presentsquare medium blue patch with dark brown border, gold lettering across top in sky. Silhouette of girl with hiking staff in center, looking at green and white snow-capped mountains. Green trees at sides. Dark blue river at front with grass and white flowers with yellow centers. Brown butterfly to left in front of trees. Great Blue Heron standing among grass, flowers, cattails to the right.
? to 1998SMALL green circular patch, with yellow border nad lettering; yellow trefoil and outline of Indiana (filled in with blue), with gold star indicating council location
Raintree? to presentyellow circular patch, with blue border and lettering; blue outline of Indiana with tree in front of it
mid- to late-80sGreen with green border; brown lettering says "Raintree Girl Scout Council, Evansville Indiana USA". Brown ax in a brown log in center; splotch of yellow on right and green on left.
Singing Sands1998 to presentblue square patch, rotated so that points are at top and bottom. Green border, purple lettering. divided in half, with bottom mostly sand and a little shoreline, four clumps of grass, outline of sandpiper; orange sun setting into water
1997 to 1998identical to present design, with addtional white text "1972-1997" and "25 Years" in sky (an anniversary patch)
? to 1997similar to present design, but smaller
SycamoreMay 2002 to presentWhite circular patch, with green edging and lettering. Light green maple leaf in center, with INDIANA in white across the leaf.
? to ?blue circular patch with yellow border and map of Indiana, white lettering; sycamore leaves in front of map
Treaty Line'99 to datesmall white square patch with red border; maps of Indiana and Ohio with a star at Council's location; logo and "Girl Scouts" in teal across top; "Treaty" down left, "Line" on bottom, "Council down right in dark blue
? to 1998tall white oval with blue border and blue and green lettering; "Treaty Line Council; Tender Loving Care" with common first letters
Tribal Trails?????No known patch???
Tulip Trace? to presentblue patch (rectangular with arcs at top and bottom), light blue lettering and border; central circle containing yellow tulip
Wapehani? to presentblue octagonal patch with green border and gold lettering; central circle has river with bushes on bank, cardinal in tree
mid- to late-80s?round patch with red border; outline of state in black with "faces" logo where the council is. Says "Wapehani GSC" in white on green ring; red, orange, yellow, and green rings startin in center and working out.
IOWA Conestoga? to presentbrown circular patch with brown border, white lettering; picture of conestoga wagon on yellow ground with orange stripes in sky
Lakota? to present"keystone"-shaped patch, blue with white border and lettering; hills at bottom, with two girls walking from left, one with backpack, other with lunch/milk pail, cloud shpaed like a trefoil, with rainbow coming from it. Map of Iowa in lower right
Little Cloud? to presentshort blue oval, with blue border, white lettering; single cloud in sky; ploughed fields at bottom, river, grass and sand across river with three trees
Moingona? to presentwhite patch shaped like the state of Iowa with blue border, black lettering; blue line representing water across middle; green shapes representing hills on other side of river
Nishnabotna? to presentwhite circular patch with aqua border and circular rim, white lettering; outline of Iowa, with council in red, picture of person canoeing across a river with the phrase "Canoe across the water"
North Iowa1999 to ?short white oval patch with green border and letters; yellow map of Iowa with green star and four Girl Scouts (Daisy/Brownie/Junior/Cadette)
Shining Trail? to presentwhite circular patch, with green border and black lettering; outline of council, with sun shining behind it; gold trail running across council map
Sioux Trails? to presentshort white oval, with blue border and lettering, and pattern of little green girls holding hands around patch just inside border. Sun behind tree.
KANSAS Central Kansas? to presentblue rectangular patch, with white border and yellow letters. White section in upper right hand corner becomes part of border, giving remainder the shape of Kansas. Council outlined in green. Three stalks of wheat at left; sunflower at right
Flint Hills? to presentlight blue oval with dark blue border nd letters. Green lines indicate hills, with white clouds, and a black windmill/water pump and cistern. Sunflower at left, two ears of wheat at right
Kaw Valley? to presentdark blue circular patch with yellow border and lettering; green hills at bottom, divided by a stream flowing into cleft in hills. Either the sun or a giant sunflower rising over the horizon
Sunflower? to presentwhite circular patch, green lettering, blue border, sunflower wthout the trefoil and name starts with "Girl Scouts of..."
? to ?white circular patch, with brown border and green lettering; sunflower, with trefoil in brown center
Tumbleweed? to presenttan circular patch, with green border and lettering; yellow tumbleweed
Wheatbelt Area? to presentblue patch shaped like the State of Kansas (rectangle, with a piece out of it at the uipper right hand); blue border, yellow lettering. Sunflower in center, with word "Kansas" in center, flanked by stalk of wheat on each side
Wichita Area? to presentgold circular patch, with blue border and lettering; silhouette of praying Indian in center (actually a statue in Wichita), in front of a building????
KENTUCKYKentuckiana? to presentlight blue oval, with green border and lettering; scene of two girls, one with hiking stick. looking into river valley. CLouds over hills, sun partially above clouds. Cardinal at left, flowers across bottom, evergreen tree at right edge
Licking Valley? to presentyellow oval patch, with blue border and lettering; central oval has picture of white house which is the council headquarters(?)
Wilderness Road? to presentdark blue circular patch, with green border and pale yellow lettering. Inner circle of pale yellow contains pale yellow road strating at bottom and disappearing into trees at top; map of Kentucky in fornt of road with council filled in in green
LOUISIANA Audubon? to presentpale blue circular patch with yellow border and green lettering; yellow map of Louisiana, with council in white. Magnolia blossom in upper right.
Bayou? to presentgray-green circular patch with green border and gold lettering; scene of swamp water with dead tree and Spansih Moss on branch; map of Louisiana in green at lower right, with council in gold
Central Louisiana? to presentWhite patch in shape of Louisiana with green border, lettering. "Girl Scout Council of Central Louisiana, Inc." Green trfoil in center surrounded by stick figures in purple, yellow, dark blue, and red.
? to ?large white circular patch, with green border and blue lettering; outline of Louisiana in green, with multi-colored line of small stick figures like paper dolls across the center
Pelican? to presentgreen rectangular patch (top is an arc) with white border and yellow and white lettering; picture of pelican flying against a sky blue background
? to ?similar to above patch, but oval-shaped; white? with red lettering?
Silver Waters? to presentblue circular patch, with black border and lettering; center hads sun (or moon?) mostly below water, with forest by day at top and at sunset at bottom
Southeast Louisiana? to presentwhite circular patch, with yellow border and black lettering; mansion in background, with purple mask at left, musical notes at bottom, and orange crawdad at right
MAINEAbnaki? to presentsmall oval patch with blue lettering and border; green mountain with sun rising over it; lighthouse in foreground
Kennebec? to presentsmall blue oval patch, with black border and lettering; chickadee on pine bough with pine cone
mid- to late-80swhite with green border; green "Girl Scouts Kennebec" green and white shape of state and pine tree
MARYLAND Central Maryland8/99 to presentlight blue circular patch, with yellow border and red lettering; central circle quartered by red and white cross from the arms of the Calverts; state crustacean (Blue Crab) at upper right, state flower (Black-Eyed Susan) at upper left, state tree (White Oak) at lower right, state bird (Baltimore Oriole) at lower left
? to 8/99light blue circular patch with dark blue border and white lettering; outline of Ft McHenry,with flagpole rising from it with US flag
MASSACHUSETTS Montachusett? to presentblue circular patch with dark green lettering; meadow with bushes or flowers in foreground and stone wall with gate; mountain in distance
Patriots' Trail? to Jul 99"peaked" white patch (5-sided, with parallel sides) with blue lettering; lantern on left and banner with "est. 1980" below
Jul 99 to presentwhite rectangular patch with arc at top with light blue lettering; lantern at lower left, with green figure of Girl Scout at right holding American flag
Jul 99 to presentdark blue circular patch with council name in white lettering; fireworks
Pioneer Valley? to presentpurple circular patch with yellow lettering; green hills in foreground with yellow sun rising behind them, with silhouettes of girls with linked hands
Plymouth Bay1999 to presentblue rectangular patch (top is an arc) with gold lettering; rainbow extending from far side of river to pot of gold with daisies at its base on near side
? to 1999blue rectangular patch with red lettering; green map of council, with lighthouse at tip of Cape Cod, sailing vessel in Plymouth Bay, lobster on mainland, and shell in Atlantic
? to ?light blue circle patch with gold border and dark blue lettering; inner gold circle divided horizontally: top is sky with gold setting sun, middle is medium blue sea with light blue waves, bottom is sand(?)
Spar & Spindle? to presentwhite circular patch with dark green lettering; green sail in background, with gold spindle from loom in foreground with thread running to gold letters SS
Western Massachusetts1998 to presentblue circular patch with blue border and black lettering; green plain with river flowing into gap between white mountains; sun in gap; red oak leaf at left, and pine bough at right
MICHIGAN Crooked Tree? to presentwhite oval patch with blue border and green lettering; map of Michigan, with council in yellow; crooked tree at bottom in front of water
obtained '88Round with dark brown border. Center is a silk screen picture, outline of a tree and "Crooked Tree G S C" in green color
Fair Winds? to presentlight blue circular patch, with dark blue border and green lettering; sun at back with stylized sailboat on water; "New Horizons Begin at Fair Winds Girl Scout Council"
obtained in '97same design as above, but light blue background is embroidered, not just the color of the underlying material
Glowing Embers? to presentwhite circular patch, with silver border and yellow lettering; outer circle (with lettering) is red. Red embers, with silver smoke/flames rising up from them.
Huron Valley? to presentwhite circular patch with blue border and lettering; blue map of Michigan, with apple tree and apple, river at lower right part of state flowing through council area, which is embroidered in WHITE. "Indian Symbol" of sun rising out of water in circle at lower right
Irish Hills1999 to presentwhite circular patch with kelly green border and lettering; picture of shamrocks in center, with two square knots in yellow line out with the lettering
Michigan Capital? to presentblue circular patch, with green border and black lettering; green map of Michigan, with yellow trefoil coming out of center of state
? to ?same as above, but with gold trefoil with black letters "GS" in it
Michigan Metro? to ?blue circular patch, with yellow border and lettering; black city oultine (on thin green line)
? to ?white patch shaped like lower peninsula of Michigan with green border and blue lettering; silhouettes of girls at bottom, with heart in middle, and words "Today's Girl Tomorrow's Leader" in gold
Michigan Pine & Dunes2000 to present(no description available)
? to ?white circular patch, with red border and green lettering; green map of Michigan with council in red with three black arrows pointing to it and the words "We like it here!"
Michigan Trails? to presentlight blue oval, with blue border and lettering; orange sun setting in lake to left; three hills on right with brown trail crossing them; shore grass on first, deciduous trees on second, evergreens on third
Michigan Waterways? to presentlight blue circular patch, with light blue border and yellow lettering; black silhouette of freighter on lake, with sun in sky and gull on pilings
Mitten Bay? to presentlight blue patch with green border and brow lettering; blue outline of Michigan, with council embroidered in green; pine tree at left, acorns at right
Otsikita1997 to presentblue patch shaped like cylindrical container of Morton Salt, with Junior Girl Scout in green dress holding umbrella above black words "GSMCOC Clinton Twp. Michigan"
? to 1997?same as above, but with words "Otsikita Clinton TWP. Michigan"
Peninsula Waters? to presentwhite patch, with blue border and green lettering; water at bottom of inner circle, with sun at top; map of upper peninsula of Michigan with blue trefoil and tree(?)
MINNESOTA Cannon Valley? to presentblue circular patch with light blue border and yellow lettering; inner circle divided in half by broad curving stripe (water), with near hill solid, far hill terraced. Sun nearly fills the sky
Greater Minneapolis? to presentirregularly-shaped white patch with three gold-bordered circles and gold lettering at bottom backed by dark blue; top circle city skyline, left circle three ears of wheat, right circle three pine trees
Land of Lakes? to presentshort white "window"-shaped patch, with blue border and blue and green lettering; waves in foreground, meadow on other side, with three pine trees at right, two funny-looking white things at left, and sun in the sky
Northern Lakes
council eliminated in 1997
? - 1997Light blue circular patch, with yellow border and lettering; mountain peaks across the patch, liht green tops, dark green bases, sun behind three pine branches
Northern Pine? to presentdark green patch cut in shape of pine tree, with teal border and dark pink lettering; small word "NORTHERN" running across base of tree, with large word "PINE" running from top to bottom
Peacepipe? to presentlight brown patch cut in shape of peace pipe, with bowl fr tobacco in dark brown at left. two silver and light blue feathers hang down from right end of patch. Black letters spelling out "PEACEPIPE GS" run down the pipe.
? to ?round patch with peacepipe design
River Trails? to presenttall light blue "window"-shaped patch, with yellow border and gold and pink lettering; "Minnesota" in gold at top, with "Land of 10,000 Lakes" immediately below it in pink, "River Trails" at bottom in gold. Map of Minnesota outlined in brown, with council embroiderd in gold. Pine tree within map; trillium to the right of the map, gold-bordered trefoil with brown "GS" inside at lower right
St. Croix Valley? to presentshort light blue "window"-shaped patch with dark green border and gold lettering; bottom half green meadow, with river winding through it and black pine trees silhouetted against the horizon; bald eagle head at top, with rainbow running from his neck to the ground at left
MISSISSIPPI Gulf Pines'99 to datesimilar to below, but larger circle; text says "Girl Scouts of Gulf Pines Council", with stylized "Mississippi" (interlocked S's) on hill
70s? to 6/99beige circular patch with dark green borders and brown and black lettering; green hill at lower right, with the Gulf at left, and four pine trees on hill with three black birds. "Preparing Tomorrow's World" in black on hill
? to ?white circular patch with white border and green lettering; "Grow With" on top and "Gulf Pines G.S. Council"; yellow flower with brown center , stem with two green leaves. Brown old-fashioned watering can pouring yellow drops of water on flower.
Middle Mississippisummer 2001 to presentlarge circular pale yellow patch with purple border and lettering; counties served represented as a multi-colored quilt-like map, with cannon, several flowers, teepee with star, watermelon, pot, fish... "Girl Scout Council of Middle Miss." at top
? to summer 2001same as above, with text reading "Middle Miss. Girl Scout Council"
Northeast Mississippi
(formerly Prairie)
early autumn 2001 to presentsmall black circular patch with purple border and white letternig; "GIRL SCOUTS® TOGETHER" at top, "GSNEMS" at bottom, with red heart surrounded by multi-colored figures in center
? to summer 2001OK -- warning! This patch was apparently designed as BOTH the camp patch and the council patch, so it's included here. Dark blue rectangular patch with yellow border and white lettering; log fire in center, with four stars and moon; top lettering "CAMP TIK-A-WITHA", with bottom lettering the council name (Prairie) and state
Northwest Mississippi? to presentsimilar to below, but light blue, and design elements aren't outlined with black thread
? to ?light blue circular patch with black border and lettering; black-bordered map of state in white, with council in orange; cotton boll at left, and lower (Magnolia?) at right
MISSOURI Becky Thatcher Area? to presentwhite circular patch with green border and black lettering; green candle and flame (with golden beams) inside red trefoil formed of yarn from a ball (both elements from Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain -- as is Becky Thatcher!
Cotton Boll Area? to presentcotton boll-shaped patch, brown shading with green lettering
? to ?circular yellow patch with white border and green lettering; cotton boll and branch
Dogwood Trails5/98 to presenttwo dogwood trees framing a trail, with river, clouds, sun, rabbit, and daisies.
early 90sdark blue border, light blue background, small green Missouri state shape with rainbow coming out of top. Pink dogwood flower at lower right.
Greater St. Louis? to presentupside - down "window" shaped patch, with bluebird on dogwood branch
? to ?yellow irregularly-shaped patch, with thin dark blue border and green lettering; light blue Mississippi River at bottom, with red tugboat, city skyline in dark blue, with white Gateway Arch going up through yellow sky to a barn and silo
(obtained this 12/97)green circular patch, with yellow border and white lettering; inner circle filled in with blue and contains yellow diamond which contains white Gateway Arch over rivers, land
Heart of Missouri? to presentlight blue patch shaped like the state of Missouri, border in green, lettering in blue; mule at upper left; pink flower at lower right, red heart outline with green GSUSA logo in cneter (and letters "GS" in blue)
Mid-Continent? to presentlight blue circular patch, with light blue border and dark blue lettering; globe in center, with red/yellow/blue band wound around it
Midland Empire? to presentshort white rectangular patch, with green border and blue lettering; council name in cursive above a light green swoosh
Otahki? to presentteepee-shaped yellow patch, with green border, red lettering; Indian girl at top, sun on left, crossed arrows on right, light blue inside open door flap
Ozark Area? to presentlight blue triangular patch, with white border and red lettering; bottom contains council name, with rest of patch divided into three triangles (for the three states partly included in the council): Kansas has a Buffalo and a sunflower, Missouri a horse and a white flower (dogwood?), and Oklahoma an oil well and and Indian shield
MONTANA Big Sky'99 to presentlight blue circular patch with yellow border and black lettering; green grass at bottom, with yellow and brown butte at right, and black snow-caped mountains at left. Two clouds in sky. Text Reads "Girl Scouts of Big Sky Council"
? to '99Same as Above, but text reads "Big Sky Council", and there's a blue patch at bottom (water?)
Treasure Trails? to presentlight blue Montana-shaped patch (sort of!) with purple snow-capped mountains in distance, green hills at front with golden trail crossing them; treasure chest on nearest hill, with green trefoil springing out of it followed by a rainbow
? to ?blue circular patch with dark blue border and lettering; irregularly-shaped object in center (outline of council boundary?) with green mountains and blue sky inside it; yellow trefoil coming up from lower left trailing a rainbow

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