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Albuquerque Trainer's Conference 2000

October 20-22, 2000
Chaparral GSC

Friday Afternoon

Reception at the Girl Scout Council Service Center We were bused over from the hotel to the Council Service Center, where we did some fast shopping in the Council shop ("Ooh! You have these! My Council shop won't carry them!"), participated in a tour of the facility, watched a dance presentation by a local Native American Junior troop, and had refreshments. First time in my life I'd ever had chocolate brownies lightly dusted with chili powder (although we had been warned to "Watch out for the brownies"). The facility was great -- I'm jealous -- although the shop needs a little more space, particularly when invaded by busloads of tourists (us)! Some SWAPS were exchanged on the bus, but the SWAPping started in earnest back at the hotel!

Friday night

Saturday Morning

After a really great breakfast (buffet style, and a lot more filling than the "continental breakfast" I was expecting!), the serious part of the weekend began. The trainings consisted of four sessions, which had to be signed up for in advance. Most people seemed to get their first choice.

The titles listed below are not necessarily the titles given in the program, but are my best guess as to what the topic of the presentation actually was. Those which have links are links to what I remember of my notes!

Saturday Night

We had a great dinner, with door prizes (I didn't win!), and a performance by the Ballet Folklórico from Del Norte High School in Albuquerque. These high school performers were fabulous! It was followed by a singalong, where the new song Dare to Dream was taught, along with a lot of old and new favorites.